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The Linares & Asociados Law Firm,  is a legal firm originally from the port of Acapulco with more than 50 years in the market, dedicated to strategic advice and defense of the interests of our clients, in charge of resolving all types of conflicts in the various matters of the field lawful as they are; Civil, Commercial, Family, Labor, Criminal, Contentious, Administrative, Fiscal, Corporate, Agrarian and Constitutional, as we are located in a highly attractive tourist destination for nationals and foreigners who decide to settle in properties that are under the property regime in condominium, to satisfy the characteristics of this sector, we decided to create an internal legal department specialized in Condominiums, within which personalized attention is given to the multiple needs derived from condominium life, under the premise of the highest quality and professionalism in the services provided, since we have specialists in the various branches of law already and the undersigned has more than twenty years of experience in the area, adding that most of those who make up Linares & Asociados are part of the Bar Association of the State of Guerrero A.C., you will find a specific list of lawyers who are within Bufete Jurídico Linares y Asociados, dedicated to serving within the field of their specialty.


  • PhD in civil law. José Manuel Linares Espil, Head of Law Firm Legal Linares & Asoc.
  • Atty. Manuel Alejandro Rivera Ávila, Specialist in , Commercial, Constitutional, Contentious Civil Law. 
  • Atty. Jesús Hernández Cruz, Specialist in Labor, Agrarian, Amparo, Corporate, Constitutional Law.
  • Atty. Alan Ignacio Sevilla Gallardo, Specialist in Criminal, Constitutional, and Prosecutor Law.
  • Atty. Orlando Mejía Catalán, Specialist in Law, Labor, Administrative, Corporate

More than 50 years of experience


I allow myself through these lines to put to your kind consideration the professional services that can be provided by a server and the office in my worthy charge, to the various condominiums that you manage:

AMPARO.- The filing of all types of amparo, both direct and indirect, in matters: Civil, Commercial, Administrative, Fiscal and Criminal.

NULLITY TRIALS AND REVIEW RESOURCES.- Filed both in the Federal and Local Courts, against the fines of Federal, State and Municipal authorities, for the various concepts that such fines warrant the filing of the nullity trial or the review appeal. 

Complaints to PROFECO.- You can make use of the right to denounce suppliers that, due to defects in their products, it has been necessary to require them to comply with the guarantees granted. 

LABOR TRIALS.- The defense of development tourism, in particular when the employee has tried the action against the development as an employer; before the Conciliation and Arbitration Boards, Local and Federal.

SETTLEMENT PROCEDURES OF EMPLOYEES.- This contemplates the roll of liquidation of employees before the Board of Conciliation, to avoid the accumulation of benefits in the event of a lawsuit; Therefore, with this action, the number of labor demands by personnel hired directly by the condominium is reduced.

CIVIL TRIALS.- In general, all actions and exceptions in this matter are dealt with, as well as those special procedures that are included in the corresponding chapter.

CRIMINAL TRIALS.- This section can be assist through the investigations files filed and defense of the administrator for presumed crimes imputed to him by owners who consider their right to property violated; that is, in the section of presumable.

ELABORATION AND REVIEW OF CONTRACTS.- They can be analyzed and in some cases, contracts will be elaborated for the celebration of the projects of works and remodeling carried out in the subdivision.

AGRARIAN TRIALS.- The trials corresponding to agrarian trials are attended in favor of the defense of the interests acquired by the goods and rights that are within the assumption of the agrarian legislation.  

OUT OF COURT.- This recovery was It is carried out through letters in which the delinquent condominium owner is informed of the debt status that he has with the condominium, notifying him that in case of not covering his debt, he will be sued. 

JUDICIAL.- This recovery is carried out through the civil executive trial, before the courts of common law. It consists of a trial followed in all its procedural stages and, in execution of the sentence, the assets that are the property of the condominium owner are put up for auction, recovering the debt

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